Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Debrief

And just like that another Adepticon is in the books. 2013 was another very successful convention, in my opinion. I enjoyed teaching two session of Liber Metallica (I'm doing three more at Gen Con, then retiring the class for a while). My demonstration piece (Otherworld Orc) turned out okay.

Another highlight was our Guns of April demonstration Gettysburg game. Over 1,000 models on the table - pretty incredible. As always, a huge thanks to Dave Taylor for providing the organizational impetus behind this endeavor. Hopefully we'll have news shortly on next year's project(s).

Finally, it was just great to see people who I, sadly, get to see so infrequently. I also realize that I must immediately start on any projects I plan on seeing finished for Adepticon 2014. Heresy-era Death Guard, I'm looking at you...

Finished Liber Metallica Orc
Gettysburg Day 1.

Old Friends Catching Up
Some Old Friends and New Friends

Post-Adepticon Trip to Mesoamerica


Mayan Sunset