Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gen Con 2013 in Review.

It was just after 6:00 pm on Saturday. I had spotted two Daenerys Targaryens, three Stormtroopers (including one Snowtrooper), one each of the last two Doctors, and even one Hunter S. Thompson Cthulhu. I only had a few more costumes to check off on my Cosplay scavenger hunt list. I needed a Poison Ivy and/or Harley Quinn and then the Holy Grail himself- a chubby, bearded gamer with glasses, flip-flops and a backpack. Where would I find this elusive creature? The game was afoot; the race was on. My compatriot, Joe Orteza, was still ahead of me in points - he had collected a full house of Deadpools. But I wasn't about to give up. That's when I spotted HER. Gozer the Gozarian. Gozer the Traveler and Lord of the Sebouillia. I knew the only way I could beat my metro-sexual Filipino friend was with a photo of a god. Many Shubs and Zuuls would know what it would be like to be roasted in the belly of a giant Sloar that day, I can tell you!
The author with the Destroyer, at the Marriott.

Gen Con 2013. Another one for the books. I'm hearing now that there were almost 50,0000 unique attendees, which it mind-blowing. Though I think most of them were ahead of me at Starbucks. All in all it was a great con. 

I taught a couple sessions of my Liber Metallica (True Metallics) class. They went very well and I was happy to spread my unapologetic propaganda against non-metallic-metals (sorry, Jim and Zach). Of course, for me, Gen Con is really about getting to see people that I, unfortunately, rarely get to see. Dennis Smith, Joe Orteza, Chris Borer, and Tom Schadle are some of the best people I know - in or out of the hobby. And getting to spend a little time with Gin Fritter, Michael Stubbs, Zach Lanier, and Gozer is just the proverbial cherry on top. 

And I finally made the leap back into serious competition painting. By that I mean that I painted a piece specifically for a contest. In this case, the Privateer Press P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition. It has been some years since I did something competitive, so I had been feeling a little rusty. I don't really play WarMachine, but I have loved a lot of their models over the decade they're been in business and I had collected a pretty decent collection of Cryx figures. So I started, a month back, on the Iron Lich (2010 remix version).

I didn't expect the PP contest to be so tough, to be honest. But it was. The Single figure category was intensely competitive and I was lucky to medal with a silver. When I was first told about the "Open" system, I figured that it meant most everyone would get some kind of medal, like Little League. But this was decidedly not the case. Privateer takes their contest very seriously. Of maybe 40-50 entries in Single, there were three gold, 4-5 silvers, and 4-5 bronze coins awarded. I noticed one category didn't even have any gold winners. So, again, I was very satisfied with a silver coin. And a laurel and hearty congrats to Dennis Smith and Michael Stubbs who both "coined" in their categories, with a special "well played" to Chris Borer who won his category (diorama) with my favorite piece of the competition. As I pumped gas at a particularly strange DQ/gas station in rural Indiana, I vowed that I would try again next year for a gold.

Anyway, that's Gen Con. I picked up some Malifaux models and almost bought some Heavy Gear stuff. But I actually spent very little. I have so much to paint already. 

Another good thing about painting this Iron Lich was that I now feel like I'm back in a good painting rhythm again. I will be updating this blog more regularly, I suspect. I have some SAGA plans I'd like to see come to fruition. And I think I better start working on Adepticon stuff now. Because if there's one thing I've learned about Adepticon is that you can never start too early.