Monday, January 20, 2014

Venatrix Nocturna. Part I: Adepticon Titanicus, The Big Show.

+++Level IV Trans code…01.20 Vengeful Spirit to Legio Mortis all sections. Execute Istvaan drop +++ reply…coded 786.52…Venatrix Nocturna begin Walk 05052014…For the Warmaster+++

The Project
Adepticon 2014 sees the addition of a brand new Warhammer 40K-background game, based on the venerable Adeptus Titanicus 6mm rules. But, as with most things Adepticon, the scale (and the ante) has been upped considerably…to 28mm. The event description is Adepticon Titanicus.

3-D Roleplay!
With an incredibly small amount of convincing necessary, I decided that I would register for this game, which I imagine will be a truly historic event to behold; this event could conceivably be the coolest looking game ever to portray the Warhammer 40K universe. And I say that without hyperbole.

It does, however, mean that I need to paint a Forgeworld Warhound Titan…

The Blog
I am going to make a very real and determined effort to post my progress, for two reasons. First, it will keep me on schedule and motivated. Motivation is really tough these days, so I’m hoping that by keeping an online journal, I can keep the work moving at a good pace. Secondly, I figured someone might wanna see pictures of a Titan in progress. So this is for the 2-3 of you who might be interested.

The Warhound is, thankfully, (mostly) constructed at this point. The credit for the build (and dynamic posing) goes to the profoundly talented Dave Taylor
The Nocturna during simulations.
( Dave is a master hobbyist with lots of Forgeworld experience - something I admittedly lack. So recruiting his services was the prudent thing to do, I’m sure you’d agree. I can’t thank Dave enough. You’ll see me buying him drinks at Harry Caray’s come April. But I also plan on thanking him during the game (he’s bringing a Legio Crucius Reaver!) with a well-placed Inferno Cannon shot to the back of his Titan (once its void shields are gone).

The Venatrix Nocturna
I’ll be posting more about the “history” and background of my Warhound over the next few months. But know you this – the Venatrix Nocturna (Night Huntress) is a Mars-pattern scout Titan serving with the Legio Mortis. Her Princeps, Octavia Faust, is a loyal (fanatical?) follower of the Warmaster, and has served with the His Sons of Horus Astartes on countless worlds, through hundreds of campaigns. The Venartrix was one of the first Titans to open fire on the Loyalist hold-outs on Istvaan III and it is that engagement that the model will portray.

So please feel free to comment or make suggestions. This is my first time painting something of this size/scope, so any advice is very welcome. And thanks for reading.


NEXT: Princeps Discordia

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  1. Sounds cool Dave - looking forward to seeing WIP