Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Legio Mortis.

The Legio Mortis has a very strong color scheme - the black, white, and red. This aesthetic has long been associated with martial prowess, but takes a particularly sinister turn 'round about 1933. The stark and striking scheme is really perfect for the mother of all traitor Legions. They just seem to data-blurt, "Bad guys."

Currently I'm in the process of getting a good base-coat on everything. If I can stick to my schedule, I'll have the model about 30% done by the end of February, with another month to complete the remainder. If I can get ahead of schedule, great.

The Badger really does make this project possible. Without an airbrush, it would take me years (no hyperbole there) to complete this model. With the airbrush, I can do my priming (Chicago has been a problematic place to prime this winter), base-coating and even some highlighting and shading as I become more proficient.

I'm going to try and do some "test" weathering on the main carapace and head this week, so I should have some additional pictures soon,


Tamiya 18mm masking tape.

Half of the 18mm strips are removed.

Base-coating the Venatrix.


  1. I'm with you Dave. My new forays into airbrushing is saving my tail when it comes to my Heresy-Era Salamanders. It's been hell to try and prime here in St. Louis, but the airbrush has turned into an invaluable tool! It's looking good, my friend!!

  2. You and Taylor have pushed me over the edge. Dangit, I'm buying one of my own. I think it will be a Lucius Jackson Warhound for me.

    1. Oh Good Lord...don't start that. I'll have to cave in and buy one as well.

      ...wife's gonna kill me.

  3. I think I'm going to pre-order one to pick up at Adepticon. Don't tell my wife!