Thursday, March 6, 2014


In non-Titan news, the folks at the Dropship Horizon 15mm sci-fi blog (here), recently ran a little painting competition. Since I needed to finish a few tanks anyway for my mate Pat Sexton's Hammer's Slammers game at Little Wars (gaming convention), I figured I'd enter. I only had a couple days to spare on painting anything but the Venatrix, so I figured I'd enter a "gaming" quality model. People always say that, "gaming" quality or standard. I guess it means "I'm not spending as much time on this as I could/should, as it's going to be handled by me and possibly others while drinking beer and eating pizza and invariably other players will roll their dice directly at this model (Corey used to do this all the time and the day Sam showed up with metal dice was a dark day indeed)." Anyway...I entered a grav tank model and I was honored with a 3rd place in the vehicle category. I thought I'd post some more picts.

As a side note, I really like 15mm sci-fi. There are a lot of quality manufacturers (this tank is a Khurasan model) and the rules tend to be more gritty and "realistic." You can follow our group's exploits at Pat's campaign site, Chalanek Station (here).

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

+++T-Minus 30 Terran Days+++

Some more progress on the Venatrix Nocturna. The carapace, cockpit armor, shin plates, and weapon systems all get their metallic edging and I've started weathering some parts. I'm keeping the weathering fairly subtle/low-key on the highest parts of the model, while the shin plates and other lower portions will get more wear and tear.

I've also built up the base. I need to add the sand/flocking, but then it's ready to prime. Originally I had intended to do something more "hive-ish" with the base; something more industrial. But time constraints made me realize simpler would be better. I'm going for a more Istvaan III post-virus bombing. All vegetation is gone, the Choral City is in ruins, and craters filled with murky toxins (look for some water effects) dot the landscape. I wanted a nightmarish wasteland like, you know, New Jersey.