Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Battle for Arrakeen. Part II.

Martin Baker's 6mm Fremen (or 'Desert Commandos').
Just a quick update on the 50th anniversary DUNE project. The city itself is coming along, I've got about 30 structures finished. But I wanted to post a few WIP shots of some of the commissioned models. So far, I've managed to recruit three very talented sculptors to the cause. Martin Baker, who has sculpted amazing models for Angel Barracks is currently working on the infantry. The list he is currently working off of includes, four different Fremen warriors, including a female. One has a Maula pistol and crysknife, one has a lasgun, and one will have worm hooks.Additionally, the plan is to do three Sardaukar poses, including a Bashar, a Bene Gesserit model, a spice-smuggler with baliset, and a Fremen leader - Muad'dib. As Martin sends more WIP pics, I'll be posting them here.

Also, multi-award-winning painter, Rich Erickson, is currently working on a 6mm sandworm. I'll have more detail on his sculpt later - hopefully I can even get him to write up a little something. We're forced to abstract the worm a little, four feet of resin would be a challenging cast indeed.

Rich's WIP sandworm.
Finally, hobby legend Dave Taylor has agreed to build at least one version of a 6mm ornithopter, another iconic piece of DUNE hardware. I will, likewise, try and get Dave to do a write up once he starts on the project.

I was initially a little hesitant to post this list, I didn't want anyone disappointed if something should fail to actually materialize, but I'm getting more confident that everything is coming together.

I've already had some questions about the availability, commercially, of these commissioned models. Obviously, if I can make them available under more generic names (say, desert commandos from the Sandstorm range), I absolutely will. That's my intention. But it's a pretty niche subject, so if there is real interest, let me know.


  1. I absolutely LOVE "Dune"! My favorite Si-Fi ever. Never understood why no one made a game out of it! If done right it can compete with 40k. GW stole half of the ideas from Dune universe... What game system do you plan to use?

  2. I can't believe I missed this! Wow! That sandworm. Are you going to have a version with it's mouth open as well?