Monday, October 5, 2015

The Hunt for Dread October.

My friend and fellow blogger, Greg Hess at FeedYourNerd, decided to do a little non-competitive "contest" for the month of October. The challenge of 'DreadTober' is to start and finish a dreadnought in one month, something that could either be very reasonable or slightly frantic, depending on your modeling and painting speed. Personally, I'm hoping it proves motivational.

My entry is a Contemptor for my Siege of Terra Iron Warriors army. This guy will be an integral part of my AdeptiCon 2016 Zone Mortalis list.

The first step was scraping (so much scraping) off all the Imperial iconography. I wanted this guy to be a clean slate. The next step was posing. I wanted something dynamic, but not awkward. There can be a fine line between those two. Now I'm going back and adding stuff - more rivets, extra wiring/tubing, etc. I want him to appear battle-worn, with field repairs and modifications. So far, so good.

I'll post regular updates during the month. I'm giving myself one more week to finish the build.